All Spice (Pimento Ground) 50g





All Spice (Pimento Ground) 50g comes from the dried berry of a tropical evergreen related to the myrtle tree and look a lot like peppercorns. It was called all spice because it seemed to combine flavours and aromas from several different spices, namely clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This ground spice is incredibly potent, so remember that a little goes a long way.

Try adding allspice to the brines for turkey, pork, and other meats for a more subtle flavour. A small amount will infuse an entire braise or pot of rice with a warm, spicy flavour. You could try sprinkling a little onto roasted root vegetables and squashes or adding a half teaspoon or so to your next pot of chilli. It also works well in desserts when you want more spiciness than sweetness – like gingerbread, carrot cake, and some dark chocolate desserts. Ground All spice is a good substitute for ground cloves in cakes and pastries, when a less pungent flavour is required.

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