Aniseed Star 26g





Aniseed Star 26g is the dried, star shaped fruit of Illicium verum. It is an evergreen tree growing a height of 8-15 meters and a diameter of 25 cm. The leaves are 10-15 cm long, 2.5 – 5 cm broad, flowers are solitary, white to red in colour. Fruits are star shaped, reddish brown consisting of 6-8 carpels. Each carpel is 10 mm long, boat shaped, hard and wrinkled containing a seed. Seeds are brown, compressed, smooth, shiny and brittle.

Despite having a sweet flavour, traditionally it is used in savory recipes, particularly with meats. It is often added whole to soups, stews and braising broths. This adds a sweet-licorice-peppery flavour.

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