French Shallots (250g)

French Shallots (250g)

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French Shallots (250g) look like small onions but have a milder flavour. They’re popular in French and Asian cooking. A shallot is technically a type of onion. Historically, shallots were their own species (Allium ascalonicum) but they are now classified as a variety of the Allium cepa (onions). Shallots can be distinguished from the common onion by their appearance. Both vegetables have a similar taste but shallots are less pungent. As well as being used in fresh cooking they are used pickled. Like onions, when sliced, raw shallots release substances that irritate the human eye, resulting in production of tears. Shallots appear to contain more flavonoids and phenols than other members of the onion genus. Fresh shallots are best stored in a cool, dry area.

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