Grapes (Green)(500g) USA

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Grapes (Green)  (500g) are best suited for raw consumption. They are most often eaten fresh or mixed into green salads, yogurt, or veggie wraps. They can also be pressed to make juice as the lightly sweet, yet tart flavour is perfect for cocktails and wine spritzers. Green seedless grapes can be roasted and cooked down into sauces and jams or frozen and whipped into an instant sorbet. They pair well with pancetta, prosciutto, cheeses such as brie, gorgonzola, and cream cheese, cucumber, pecans, and sunflower seeds.

Ways to eat
Frozen seedless grapes are a nice, cooling summer treat.

Nutritional value
Grapes are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol free, but rich in vitamin C. They also contain vitamins A and K, and antioxidants including flavanols.

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