James and Rose – Beetroot Relish

James and Rose – Beetroot Relish

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James and Rose – Beetroot Relish is a versatile way to add a little sweetness to burgers, cold meats or sandwiches. Put some of this amazing Beetroot Relish out with chips or crackers and suddenly you have a party! Will your next event star James and Rose scrumptious Beetroot Relish?

Beetroot, Onion, Malt Vinegar, Allspice, Salt.

Allergen Advice
May contain traces of nuts or sesame.
Dairy free.
Vegan friendly.

James and Rose believe in using a small batch approach to cooking, combined with traditional family recipes to produce high quality sauces and condiments with incredible flavour.
Their products are Australian made and owned, however they cannot get a variety of ingredients in Australia locally so use some imported spices. Where possible they always try to use Australian made products. They have a passion for Australian grown, made and owned.

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