Jap Pumpkin (qtr)

$4.00 ea

2.79 kg



Jap Pumpkin (qtr) has ribbed, grey-green mottled skin and a nutty, deep yellow flesh. It’s great mashed, roasted or steamed. It has a strong yet sweet flavour and packs impressive health benefits. Like other pumpkin, its bright orange flesh is high in the anti-oxidant beta-carotene, which translates to vision-protecting Vitamin A. The skin is also an excellent source of fibre.

Nutritional value
An excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre. They also contain some potassium.

Cooking Ideas
Try roasting it with sprigs of fresh rosemary. Puree cooked pumpkin and add to your favourite scone or cake recipe. Remove tops and seeds from small pumpkins, stuff with red kidney beans, tomato and feta, then bake.

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