Apples Jazz

Apples Jazz

$1.55 ea


Apples (Kanzi) have flesh that is firm, white, and fragrant, and the texture is both crunchy and slightly effervescent. Kanzi apples have a balanced sweet and tart flavour. They are especially juicy, a trait reminiscent of their Gala parent. Although Kanzis looks similar to their Jazz sibling, they have a more delicate flavour.

Like all apples, Kanzi apples have virtually no protein or fat, supply a range of vitamins and minerals (especially potassium) and are a good source of fibre, particularly pectin fibre, which helps keep blood cholesterol low. They are a good source of polyphenols and natural fruit sugars (fructose with some glucose). They make the ideal between-meal snack with no preservatives or allergens, lots of chewing and filling power.

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