Oranges (navels) small

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Oranges (valencia) Small are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat because they are filled with Vitamin C, fibre, potassium and low in calories. Consuming oranges more often may protect against heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  They may also help to improve memory, blood pressure, immune system and overall health. Add them fresh to your breakfast smoothie bowl, to salads or use some freshly squeezed juice to enhance the flavour of a drink. Bake a fresh orange cake as a dessert. Use juice and zest to flavour syrups, curds and doughs. Their robust flavour can complement spicy seasonings. This versatile fruit pairs well with almonds, basil, chocolate, cilantro, coffee, nutmeg, and mint.

Did you know?
When juicing an Orange, it is recommended to use the juice within 4 hours as the quality of the juice lessens after that time. Traditionally, orange peels are used internally in teas to help with stomach cramps and as an appetite stimulant.

Nutritional value
Oranges are fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free, whilst being high in fibre and vitamin C.

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