Papaya 500g

Papaya 500g

$2.99 ea


Papaya 500g makes it easy to deliver a bundle of essential nutrients to your family, in a colourful, convenient and juicy package! From digestive and immune wellbeing to skin hydration and elasticity, papaya is loaded with inspired goodness. It naturally contains a unique bundle of antioxidants  including vitamin C and carotenoids. These help bolster your body’s defences. A single 150g serve of papaya [about one cup, diced] provides more than twice your recommended daily intake for vitamin C, and nearly a third of vitamin A. Papaya is also a source of fibre, which helps with digestive balance and keeps you feeling fuller, longer. Naturally low in energy (kJ) and fat, it’s a smart choice for your family.  It’s the everyday fruit that helps you keep going on the outside and glowing on the inside.

For expecting mums, papaya is a smart choice. It contains folate, essential for normal cell division and growth in pregnancy.

How to keep
To speed up the ripening process, place Papaya in a paper bag with apples, bananas or pears, loosely closed for one or two days. When ripe, store in a plastic bag in refrigerator crisp.

Nutritional value
Papaya contains vitamin B, C and iron, as well as dietary fibre.

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