Peaches White Large

Peaches White Large

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Peaches White Large are low in acid, allowing for their natural sweetness to be more pronounced.  When ripe and at room temperature the fruit releases sweet aromatics. Peaches are a fantastic any-time snack and great sliced up in fruit or vegetable salads, pies, flans or on top of cheesecakes and pavlovas. You may prefer to serve them simply with just yoghurt or fresh cream. They are also brilliant for jams and chutneys and make an excellent accompaniment to chicken, pork and fish.

Did you know?
There are many varieties of peaches and they can be classified in two ways: by colour of the fruit, white or yellow, and by the way the meat holds the stone.

Nutritional value
Fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free and a good source of vitamin C. A good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, niacin and potassium.

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