Pukara Estate Balsamic Vinegar – Caramelised

Pukara Estate Balsamic Vinegar – Caramelised

$32.90 ea



Pukara Estate Balsamic Vinegar – Caramelised is a luscious, rich and sweet vinegar which is great over any dish. Try it in salad dressings or over poached pears. Use in a marinade or drizzle over grilled lamb. Deliciously thick and rich, our scrumptious caramelised balsamic vinegar is perfect as a dressing with our extra virgin olive oils or dripped with crusty breads.

Pukara Estate has always had a simple philosophy for success. They’re passionate about their olive oils, vinegars and distinctive food products. From harvest, through production, they take the greatest pride and care to guarantee you the freshest, most flavoursome products.

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