The Market Grocer – Peanuts – raw

$5.99 ea




The Market Grocer – Peanuts –  are a good source of protein, low in carbs and an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins E and B-6, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium and iron.

They make a great garnish for salads or autumn squash soups. Mix them with other nuts and dried fruit for a hearty, homemade trail mix. Make your own peanut butter to avoid the salt and preservatives found in many commercial brands. Sauté finely chopped peanuts with mixed vegetables for a richer flavor.

Jesmond Fruit Barn stock a variety of tasty nuts, seeds and fruit mixes from The Market Grocer at our shop on Bluegum Road, Jesmond. Drop in or shop at the online shop.


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